August, 10, 2023 Kyiv, IEC, 15 Brovarskyi Avenue Entrance 1-A
Call-center: +38 044 201 01 03
Mon - Fri: 10:00 – 19:00

When you buy tickets paying by your credit card, all tickets will immediately appear in your Personal Account on the Ticket page.

If you have chosen the “Receipt” or “Account for payment” payment method, tickets in the Personal Account will appear only after we get the money at our current account.

Also, a letter with a receipt for payment (if you chose this payment method) or confirmation of payment by card will be sent to your email address.

  1. When does the event start?

    iForum is held for one day only. It will take place on the 10th of August at the International Exhibition Center, Kyiv, 15 Brovarskyi Avenue. Registration of participants begins at 8:00 a.m. and lasts throughout all day. The official opening of the conference will take place at 09:20. Presentations will last from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., almost with no breaks, simultaneously on all stages. At the same time, the City of the Future, and Expozone will be open and available all day long.

    All our participants can freely move around the territory of iForum and choose the most interesting speakers and reports to listen to, visit stands at the exhibition area, communicate, and exchange ideas.

  2. Will there be a video of the reports?

    Yes, we are recording all the reports and posting it on our YouTube channel within a month after the event, with the exception of those speeches that are not available online due to speakers' requests.

  3. What to do in case of air alerts?

    If an air alert is on, we ask participants to go to the shelter under Pavilion 1 of the International Exhibition Center, where the iForum will be held.

    Access to the shelter is via the stairs near the participants' registration desk and from the opposite side of the pavilion, following the signs.
    For security reasons, we have limited the number of participants to 5,000 this year.

  1. Personal Account

    In the Personal Account on the left side is the Menu. If you do not see it, please click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the page - the Menu will expand.

    List of all tickets.
    Greens are activated tickets, reds are purchased but not activated tickets.

    In this tab, you can manage your purchased tickets by clicking on the green arrow next to the event.

    1. Activate ticket to yourself.
    The ticket is activated on your name. After activation, your ticket will be signed “My ticket”.

    2. Send ticket to a friend.
    This way you activate a ticket on your friend. You have the opportunity to deactivate the ticket, if necessary.
    To activate a ticket on a friend, you must fill out the form.

    3. Print ticket.
    You can print the ticket after downloading it in pdf format.

    4. Deactivate.

    In this tab, you can view or change your personal information: phone/e-mail/ password.

    My QR code.
    A QR code will be printed on your ticket. It contains your personal information. This is a kind of electronic business card, and you can share it with other conference participants. In this menu you can independently configure what information a person can see by scanning your QR code.

    Buy tickets.
    In this menu you can purchase additional tickets. The logic is described above in ‘How to purchase additional tickets to the event?’

    Archive tickets.
    All information about tickets from past events will be stored here.

  2. How to purchase additional tickets to the event?

    Go to the Buy Ticket section on.
    Press the “Buy ticket” button.
    Next, enter the number of tickets you want to purchase. You can buy any number of tickets, all of them will be saved in your Personal Account. You have the opportunity to activate a ticket on yourself or someone else.

    The second step - you can pay for tickets as an individual, as a private entrepreneur or as a legal entity.

    Next, you need to choose a payment method.
    An individual can pay on receipt, by Visa / MasterCard or via Privat24.
    The private entrepreneur can additionally pay on the invoice, in case he/she needs a certificate of completion.
    A legal entity may pay the invoice and subsequently receive a certificate of services provided.

    The fourth step is to enter your personal data.
    If you buy a ticket as a legal entity, the system will also ask you for the full name of the legal entity and its EDRPOU (USREOU).

    In the end, you need to click the “Buy” button.

    When paying by credit card, all the tickets you have purchased will immediately appear in the Personal Account on the Tickets page.
    When choosing the payment method “Receipt” or “Account for payment”, the tickets will appear in the Personal Account only after the funds have been credited to our current account.

    In addition, you will receive an email with a receipt for payment (if you have chosen this type of payment) or payment confirmation (if you have paid by card or via Privat24).

  3. I bought tickets, but I do not see them in my Personal Account. Why?

    Most likely you have chosen the type of payment “Receipt for individual entrepreneur” or “Invoice for legal entity ". As a rule, money can be credited within 3 business days. As soon as the funds are received, you will be notified by a letter to your registered e-mail address, and the purchased tickets will be available in your Personal Account.

  4. I can not go to the event, can I transfer my ticket to another person?

    Yes of course. To do this, you need to go to the “Tickets” section, find “My ticket”, click on the green arrow next to the ticket and in the drop-down list select “Deactivate”. Thus, the ticket is deactivated, and in the list of tickets it will appear as “Not activated”. Next, you need to click again on the green arrow next to the non-activated ticket and select “Send to a friend” in the drop-down list. The system will prompt you to enter the e-mail address of the person you want to transfer your ticket to.
    If this person already has an account, all the necessary information for the badge will be pulled up automatically, the system will notify you that this person already exists in the database and will offer to send a ticket to him. If your friend does not have an account in our system yet, you will have to fill in the name, company, job title, city and then send the ticket. Your friend will receive a letter with the ticket and a notice that you have handed the ticket over to him/ her. If any information on the badge is incorrect, your friend will be able to change it following the link from the letter.

  5. I can not go to the event. Can I get my money back?

    You can send us a refund request to at the latest one day before the event. You will receive your money back within 10 business days.

  6. How can I activate and print a large number of purchased tickets on my own (wholesale purchase of tickets for the company)?

    Get information about employees attending our event.
    Go to the "Tickets" section, you should have a list of all tickets there.
    Next, you need to click on the green key next to each ticket and select the item “Send to a friend”, the system will prompt you to enter the e-mail address of the person you want to activate the ticket to. You also need to enter the following information: First Name, Last Name, Phone number, Title, Company, City.
    After you have activated all the tickets, click on the green arrow next to the tickets (now each ticket will be signed by the name of the employee you've activated it to) and select “Print ticket” on the list. Please note that the ticket is downloaded in .pdf format before printing.

  7. Can I not print a ticket?

    We strongly recommend having a printed ticket, as it also works as your business card. iForum is not just a conference, it is a networking event. You can meet your potential partners, have a chat with old friends, find a new job opportunity or finally talk offline with people you used to previously communicate only via the internet. Last time when we gathered at the IEC, there were more than 13,000 participants on the iForum. It is more convenient to communicate when all participants have a badge, like a business card, with your name, company, and position written on it. Also, there is a QR code on every badge and, if necessary, you can easily exchange contact information and immediately save contacts to your phone.

  8. Can I buy a ticket at the event?

    Sure thing, a ticket sales point will be arranged in the registration hall, but the ticket price on the day of the event is significantly higher than on regular days.

  9. Can I buy a ticket separately to one hall/ stream?

    No, each participant gets a single ticket to the event with access to all halls and streams and can move between it freely, choosing the most interesting reports, visiting stands in the exhibition area or having a cup of coffee in the coffee break area.

  10. How can I get a certificate of completion?

    If you paid for the ticket via invoice, as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, you can receive a full package of accounting documents on the day of the event at the "Documents processing" table or by mail, sending us a request after the event. All the accounting documents are dated by the event's date.

  1. Limitations for iForum Exhibition

    The use of explosive materials, including pyrotechnics, open flames, smoke generators, etc. - all that could cause any harm to the participants or the venue - is strictly prohibited at the event.

    We limit the sound equipment used at the stand and its volume since the halls are fenced off with curtains only. If you want to organize a promotion at your stand, first of all, mind that it will cost you extra 10 000 UAH, and secondly, you need to coordinate the volume level with the organizers of the exhibition.

    According to the Organizing Committee's decision, due to the very versatile constructions and the unaesthetic appearance of the walls at the exhibition area with higher and lower constructions, we have a strict restriction on the height of stands throughout the exhibition area. The stands allowed up to 4 m and no more. This is a critical limitation, and as the Organizing Committee puts it, it is not a subject for discussion or change.

    Please note, that if you have a stand made of thin white exhibition panels that are interconnected by aluminum trims, you can’t hang or stick anything on it by yourself. All the commercial materials with the company's logo and branding must be stable and stand on the floor.

    It is strictly forbidden to set your own Wi-Fі. If you put it on, we will see its effect on the general network scheme and turn it off. Therefore, when planning working processes at your stand, try to make it as independent of the internet as possible - download presentations, photos, video and documents in advance.

    It is forbidden to involve contractors not certified by the IEC in the assembly of stand structures. There is a list of IEC-approved contractors here: https: // Please note that in the case of unapproved contractors at the IEC, the installation of stands can be stopped by the IEC employees, and we will not be able to help with it.

    It is strictly forbidden to disassemble your stand until the end of the event (19:00).

  2. Layout requirements for covering over the panels

    The format is .tiff
    Panel size: height - 2394 mm, width - 964 mm
    Frieze size: height - 294 mm, width - 2944 mm
    The scale is 1:1
    The resolution is 72 dpi
    The color model is CMYK
    Compression – LZW

    The layout is required by July 28, 2023.

  3. Installation of stands

    Installation of stands will be carried out the day before the event, August 9, from 10:00 till 18:00. The entrance for installation crew is through the 1st pavilion, entrance 1A (from the Dnipro side). It is impossible to drive a car into the pavilion, as this is where the air raid shelter is located.

    Therefore, large machines for unloading use the open cargo gates of the 1st pavilion. For small loads, we use the central or side doors of the 1st pavilion. Please note that trucks only get access to unload equipment, after that they will have to leave the IEC immediately.

    All equipment brought and installed by you on this day will have to be recorded and put under security, together with the name and telephone number of the contact person.

    We will need a list of your employees with their contacts, the name of the contractor company that will provide the construction, as well as the numbers of cars that will need the access to the pavilion (we will send a special form the day before the installation, and you will need to give us all the data). All of your company's staff can come to help you to speed up the process - the number of people at the installation is not limited.

    It is important to remember that the time for installation at the pavilion is limited, and it is better to be over-prepared in order to make it on time. You will not be able to continue installing your stands on the morning of the event, as well as bringing bulky equipment — the cargo gates will be closed.

    Attention! Self-assembly of the stand is possible only if you have a mobile design.

  4. Electricity

    We will provide you with one 220V socket at your exhibition venue, so if you plan to connect more than one device, be sure to bring an extension cord to your stand.

    Be sure to inform us about all your equipment that is needed to be connected to the electricity - this is important for the distribution of the load between the stands. (You need to fill out the form).

  5. Dismantling of stands

    Dismantling and removal of all equipment will take place immediately after the event, on August 10 from 19.00 to 22.00. Transport will be allowed near the pavilion gates only when the stand is completely dismantled and ready for transportation. At 22.00 we must completely free the pavilion.

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