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iforum 2023. stage Military Tech / Future Ukraine

09:20 - 10:00
stage Military Tech
Welcome speech by the Organizing Committee and the representative of the Title Sponsor
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10:05 - 10:40
stage Military Tech
Building a national defense industry ecosystem
Discussion panel

Anatolii Amelin – moderator.
Topic: “Building a national defense industry ecosystem”
1. Yevhenii Utkin.
Topic: “Networked, decentralized defense industry. An asymmetrical response to totalitarianism? Regimental band vs jazz band”
2. Oleksandr Kamyshin

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10:40 - 11:40
stage Military Tech
Critical infrastructure facilities: new security challenges in the war and post-war
Discussion panel

1. Oleksandr Fediienko.
Topic: “Interaction between the state and business in the protection of critical infrastructure facilities”
2. Oleksandr Denysenko.
Topic: “What it is like doing business during the war. Personal cases”
3. Dmytro Niekrakha.
Topic: “How the protection of critical infrastructure objects works”
4. Oleksandr Kardakov.
Topic: “In-house product. Sphere, as an example of the implementation of the critical infrastructure object’s protection”
5. Vitalii Rozdobutko.
Topic: “Intelligent video surveillance systems for the protection of critical infrastructure objects”
6. Serhii Beskrestnov “Flash”.
Topic: “Application of EW protecting critical infrastructure objects.”

Yehor Aushev.
Topic: “Cybersecurity of critical infrastructure objects”

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11:40 - 12:40
stage Military Tech
Unmanned robotic systems as a war game changer
Discussion panel

The moderator is Mariia Berlinska.
Topic: “Unmanned robotic systems as a war game changer”
1. Mykhailo Fedorov.
Topic: “Achievements of the “Army of Drones” project”
2. Liubov Shypovych.
Topic: “Localization of production and development of military application of BPAC”
3. Maksym Sokoliuk.
Topic: “Intelligent drone guidance systems”
4. Denys Dovgopolyi.
Topic: “What can you learn from meeting hundreds of teams making something that flies?”
5. Madiar.
6. Yaroslav Oliinyk “Loki”.
Topic: “Strategy of state production of UAVs in Ukraine”

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12:40 - 13:20
stage Military Tech
Investments in Ukrainian defense tech
Discussion panel

Moderator is Nataliia Kushnerska

1. Serhiy Prytula.
Topic: “People’s investment in security: how charitable foundations, volunteers and Ukrainian donors are developing the miltech market in Ukraine during a full-scale war”
2. Denys Dovgopolyi, member of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Startups Fund.
Topic: “Investments in the Ukrainian tech sector and defense startups”
3. Nataliia Kushnerska.
Topic: “Support and development of the defense tech ecosystem. Grant funding”
4. Pavlo Verkhniatskyi.
Topic: “Capital of global defense corporations in Ukraine”
5. Orest Bilous.
Topic: “Investment in human capital and education”

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13:20 - 14:00
stage Military Tech
OSINT. Modernistic Ukrainian intelligence and its transformation during a full-scale invasion
Discussion panel

Moderator Artem Starosiek.
Topic: “OSINT. Modern intelligence of Ukraine and its transformation during a full-scale invasion”
1. Illia Vitiuk.
Topic: “Cyber warfare, intelligence, the role of OSINT”
2. Yanina Korniienko.
Topic: “Civil intelligence to identify corrupt officials, fraudsters and all those who profit from taxpayers’ money”

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14:00 - 15:00
stage Future Ukraine
Ukraine as an opportunities state for the world
Discussion panel

Ukraine and the world are going through times of transformation. War, the fragility of the world, and the weakness of international institutions. Usual models of interaction are being destroyed; business models are ineffective now. Some of the promising technologies are “stuck”, and others are implemented too quickly to follow the change.

Therefore, the familiar idea that “crisis is an opportunity” takes on a different meaning, time requires adaptability, anti-fragility, breakthrough innovations, and profitability.

Time for experiments — and time for responsibility. These complex, tragic, and hopeful times, as well as limited resources, are an incentive to find creative, new, breakthrough solutions. Under such circumstances, opportunities arise for the birth of brilliant ideas capable of influencing the world.

Ukraine has a unique chance to be not only a training ground for new military technologies (which we will discuss in the Military Tech stream), but also to become an accelerator for new business ideas —and a place for creating a new economy.

We will talk about how Ukraine can become a country of opportunities, the Next Big Thing for the world, with the participants of our discussion – successful businessmen-innovators who think globally and combine technological and market innovations in practice.

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16:00 - 17:00
stage Future Ukraine
People's potential. What specialists should we train already, given the situation: migration, retraining, military personnel, volunteers
Discussion panel
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17:00 - 18:00
stage Future Ukraine
Build Ukraine Forward
Discussion panel

The discussion about the post-war or immediate reconstruction of Ukraine is being actively provided both within the country and internationally.

But should we REBUILD something that often bears a deep imprint of the social, infrastructural, architectural, and cultural dimension of the Soviet ideology, or should we launch the foundation and BUILD the country with a new prospect that will serve many future generations well.

We will talk about the architecture of Ukraine’s new stage of development and its economic, cultural, technological, and infrastructural Renaissance.

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18:00 — 19:00 Closing ceremony and final word from the Organizers

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