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We are always glad for informational support!

We divide such support into two types:

  1. Collaboration with the media (TV, radio, print, digital media).
  2. Partnership with companies, bloggers, thematic resources, etc.


Collaboration with the media (TV, radio, print, digital media)


iForum for media and media – for iForum


  • many smart people who drive the world of economics, technology and creativity are available for one-touch communication. They deliver a lot of information!
  • a lot of visitors who will see your logo / roll-up / banner
  • the opportunity to chat with real and potential readers at your own stand
  • networking for further work with experts and speakers
  • concentrate of ideas and useful contacts – for media and about media


  • to be media
  • support the conference informationally during its preparation (3-4 months) in ways possible for editorial policy
  • talk about development trends on the resource pages
  • take comments and interviews with key forum speakers
  • make video and support the preparation process with formats acceptable for the editors
  • work at the conference non-stop

Partnership with companies, bloggers, thematic resources, etc


Information Partnership with the iForum-2020 Conference

We are interested in companies, media, channels, events related to:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Sales
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Internet technology

What do we offer:

  1. Branded promotional code with a 10% discount on tickets for your subscribers
  2. 1-2 free tickets to the event
  3. Placing your event announcement in our email newsletter

* Please note that the event will be included in the newsletter if it meets the themes and requirements of the newsletter and is approved by the iForum organizing committee

From your side:

  1. Announcements, press releases and iForum news in your newsletter / blog / social networks
  2. Spread iForum news and information through your partners
  3. iForum web banner on your platforms
  4. Other options

How to start a collaboration?
Write your offer to with the topic “Information Partnership”.

* Such a partnership does not include placing a logo on a website or press products and does not provide the opportunity to place any advertising materials at the event itself.

Apply as an info partner

Press Secretary

Valentina Angelska


Event manager, Information Partnership and Advertising
Ticket sales manager
Coordinator of the City of the Future

Yuliia Utkina


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