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Mykola Lavreniuk

Fozzy Group
Senior ML/CV Engineer

PhD in Applied Mathematics, Senior ML/CV Engineer at Temabit Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory, Fozzy Group.

He has many years of experience in solving various applied problems using deep learning and computer vision methods.



Cases of using artificial intelligence at Fozzy Group

Discussion panel

The research and development laboratory of Fozzy Group has been engaged in the creation and implementation of projects using artificial intelligence for several years. AI algorithms are used to analyze the texts of social networks for marketing; for Call Center, we are also exploring the possibility of working with voice and much more.

Among the exciting and innovative projects, the “Kissa” project is worth highlighting – a solution based on AI (Computer Vision) for recognizing food in the canteen and paying without a cashier. It allows not only to touch the future but also to participate in the training of AI.

Main theses:

  • “Kissa AI” is a self-service cash register with artificial intelligence.
  • Message Tagger is an AI social media parsing tool.
  • Creation of models for forecasting sales using artificial intelligence.
  • Hot Line quality control.

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