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Dmytro Dubrovskyi


Dmytro Dubrovskyi is the co-founder of the Ukrainian IT product company Uklon. For 13 years, Dmytro and his partners have been building a modern and comfortable ride-hailing service to develop the culture and infrastructure of Ukrainian cities.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Dmytro has actively engaged in volunteer work. With a primary focus on FPV drone manufacturing and veteran support. In particular, Dmytro is an ambassador of the Ukrainian Veterans Fund and actively promotes the reintegration of soldiers into Ukrainian society.

Future Ukraine


Ukraine as an opportunities state for the world

Discussion panel

Ukraine and the world are going through times of transformation. War, the fragility of the world, and the weakness of international institutions. Usual models of interaction are being destroyed; business models are ineffective now. Some of the promising technologies are “stuck”, and others are implemented too quickly to follow the change.

Therefore, the familiar idea that “crisis is an opportunity” takes on a different meaning, time requires adaptability, anti-fragility, breakthrough innovations, and profitability.

Time for experiments — and time for responsibility. These complex, tragic, and hopeful times, as well as limited resources, are an incentive to find creative, new, breakthrough solutions. Under such circumstances, opportunities arise for the birth of brilliant ideas capable of influencing the world.

Ukraine has a unique chance to be not only a training ground for new military technologies (which we will discuss in the Military Tech stream), but also to become an accelerator for new business ideas —and a place for creating a new economy.

We will talk about how Ukraine can become a country of opportunities, the Next Big Thing for the world, with the participants of our discussion – successful businessmen-innovators who think globally and combine technological and market innovations in practice.

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