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Viktoriia Opanasiuk

Telecom Ukraine

Co-founder and project manager of Telecom Ukraine and Telecom Awards.

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Domains and IP addresses

Discussion panel

The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life, our way of communication, and our weapons. Key internet building blocks are at the heart of the network – domains and IP addresses.
– How these important components create a solid and reliable online infrastructure.
– How IP addresses ensure the stability and security of the Internet.
– How domains can protect your business brand, become a tool of self-identification, and a symbol of Internet stability in wartime.

We will understand these issues in the “Domains and IP addresses” section hosted by the .UA domain registrator, Hostmaster LLC.

Moderator is Svitlana Tkachenko.

1. Vitalii Zubok.
Topic: “You can’t neither stand nor fall”
What is the difference between stability, constancy, reliability, survivability, and resilience. What is digital and cyber resilience, and why traditional cybersecurity risk management is not enough to survive.
2. Oleh Rivtin.
Topic: “Ukrainian domains for Ukrainian sites”
3. Olena Kushnir.
Topic: “How not to lose a valuable resource – IP addresses”
4. Kateryna Oliinyk.
Topic: “Domain disputes: who is at risk and how it works. Why receiving a complaint under the UDRP procedure is not a dead-end, how to defend your domain right”
5. Victoria Opanasyuk.
Topic: “The influence of the community on the preservation of the Ukrainian Internet segment”

Small Stage


The influence of the community on the preservation of the Ukrainian Internet segment

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